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What People Are Saying:

Photon is the most organic community I have been to in the last 4 years. There aren't 250+ members coming one month and leaving in the next month, we keep it clean and serious. On Discord, no unnecessary waffle, just a bunch of professional traders discussing ideas and having real support from Matt (and all the others). The course is very well organized, from the psychology part to the technicals. Matt focuses heavily on the process (which is what will give the longevity in this game) so every aspect such as Trading Plan, How to run your trading business, Backtesting/Forward-testing, Journaling etc, is all covered here. The strategy we use in Photon is based on supply/demand, structure & liquidity concepts. There is a lot of stuff on the internet around these topics, but I genuinely believe Photon differentiates from the rest by keeping it very very professional (not selling you dreams or 100R days), mechanically and scalable. Photon strategy when well utilized can really smash all the limiting beliefs you may have when it comes to possible P/L%. I have known Matt for the past 2 years, he is definitely a person who cares about your progression, it's not like the majority of the mentors that what matters is the subscription in the end of the month. Matt put effort in the community for everyone to understand and improve. If you are looking for the “secret sauce” in Trading, this is not for you! If you are willing to put the work needed into becoming an independent profitable trader, you have all the tools here to make it.

Tomás Manso

I've been trading since June '20 and I can tell you that I may as well have been running around in circles BLIND up until this point. Because the level of introspective thought I've undergone, after going through the introductory portion of the content is absolutely mind-blowing and something I wish I would've had in the very beginning of my journey. And I haven't even touched on the actual trading strategy-related content, which I can't say enough about how well assembled and put together it is. The entire Photon Trading course as a whole is undoubtedly the BEST out there. The level and attention to detail that Matt has put forth in the compiling and presenting of all the topics and concepts most definitely shows and in my opinion puts it ABOVE THE REST!

Dion Shields

I have been a member of numerous communities over my 4 years in the trading industry and can confidently say that Photon is by far the best. Firstly, the strategy is the most complete that I have ever traded. The Smart Money Concepts that Matt teaches in Photon have given me supreme confidence with my trading. I feel that I am completely in sync with the markets and find that I am rarely caught on the wrong side of the market now. The increased risk to reward offered by executing on the M1 chart has transformed my trading results. Previously trading felt like a struggle even though I was consistently profitable. Now it feels effortless! Secondly, the course is incredible. Matt is the best teacher that I have come across in the FX space. The technical analysis module breaks the key components of the strategy down into easily digestible pieces with short exercises at the end of each module to really help engrain the concepts into your subconscious. I strongly believe that being a consistently profitable trader is 90% mental and 10% technical. The psychology modules would have saved me from countless hours of reading books such as Trading in the Zone or With Winning in Mind when trying to master my own psychology. Everything you need to master the mental side of trading is in there broken down over a few short videos. Finally, the discord community is the icing on the cake. Matt posts a daily breakdown of EURUSD pre-London and then posts a markup of all the high probability trades that set up that day. This speeds up the learning process by shortening the feedback loop as you are able to compare your own analysis and trading performance with Matts's on a daily basis. He is always on hand to answer any questions that you have as well. My only gripe is that Photon was not around 4 years ago when I first started trading. I genuinely believe that I would have reached consistency much earlier in my journey if it was! You will not regret joining this community!

David McQuaid